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Color and style with badass Julie truly has been life changing! My wardrobe finally feels like me! I have a cohesive closet in colors and silhouettes that make me look and feel beautiful ! Julie will push you out of your comfort zone to discovering your best and unique YOU!


I met Julie through a coworker and her love for her work was infectious. So much so that this girl who cares more about furniture than clothes (me) purchased one of her closet purge/makeovers to make the most of what I had.

No word of a lie, in a couple of short hours, my closets were clean and organized and I had rediscovered pieces I hadn't worn in years. I arrived at work on Monday to a slew of compliments on a piece of clothing I had owned for a decade, but didn't know how to wear it. I continue to put together outfits I feel great in, but would never have dreamed I'd wear.

Julie Shields is a force. What she does is not frivolous. It will change how you see yourself and give you the boost you never knew you needed.

Hire her NOW!


Looking in my closet is now a joy & getting dressed is a breeze!
Julie took me through her Color & Style Sessions & then she also did a closet edit virtually with me, all of which really helped me focus on sorting through items that were & weren't working. 
I have gained so much confidence & I've saved time & money as I can shop with so much intention now!


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