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  • Are you tired of a closet full of clothes & nothing to wear?

  • Do you wish you could figure out what your style is?

  • Do you waste time & money shopping for things you never wear ?

  • Do you run a business & struggle with how your employees dress?

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Alison, Pittsburgh PA

Color and style with badass Julie truly has been life changing! My wardrobe finally feels like me! I have a cohesive closet in colors and silhouettes that make me look and feel beautiful ! Julie will push you out of your comfort zone to discovering your best and unique YOU!

Keri, Pittsburgh PA

Julie is a fashion must have! Think of her work as that pair of shoes you know you want, or that handbag that will complete your look. She does that with recommendations of how to take what you already have and elevate it to make it your signature. Julie knows how to direct your shopping to what works for you- not just what is on trend.Hire her NOW!

Darlene, Pittsburgh PA

I would be lost without Julie. She's been invaluable in helping me to organize my closet, making packing for trips easy and getting ready for special events. I've saved so much money by using her services over the last 6 years. She really helped me take my personal style to the next level.

Holly, Pittsburgh PA

Absolutely love Julie! She was so clear and knowledgeable during our session, and really made it fun! The way I shop is forever changed and so much easier now!

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